ESG Strategy: Materiality Assessment

Future Planet platform includes Materiality Assessment 2.0 for Double Materiality. Identify and prioritise sustainability risks and opportunities for your ESG strategy.

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We know that you want to be kind to the planet and treat everyone equitably.  But it’s not always easy to know how to get started or make sustainability part of how you run your business. That’s why we are here … small steps … leading to a sustainable business transformation.

To deliver increasing impact for your employees and your business, your suppliers and supply chain, and your customers and your market, we use the Live, Buy, Design™ model:

Live Better

Ethical business practices to drive business performance.

Reduce emissions and improve diversity, equity and inclusion.

Buy Better

Build a resilient and responsible supply chain.

Reduce value chain emissions.

Design Better

Sustainable product and service design (future proof)

Design-in circularity and eliminate waste.

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Want to make a personal impact?

Download the Future Planet Personal Carbon Footprint App. Get your CO2 score and advice on how you can make changes that impact the world for the better.

Want to make a personal impact?
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