No vaccine for racism

I’ve not posted anything here in over a year. I wanted to leave a bit of a gap between my last life (which was great at Altify etc.) and my new life at 6Rockets. I had a lot of things in my head – I have been thinking a lot about diversity, sustainability, broken supply chains, wanton consumerism, AI and ML (oh, I ghost-wrote a book on Computer Vision, at the end of 2019, almost forgot that) – but there was not a lot I really wanted to say.

But now I am compelled to write. This is not the situation I wanted to be the catalyst to get me off my butt to write again, but the world is pretty broken and we can’t just stand by and watch.

So, I wrote this.

i can't breathe
There is no vaccine for racism, 
That virus infects the soul
No quarantine for bigotry
Arrogance like that can't be controlled

Ignorance is an ugly mirror
And bias is what's reflected
Within the fear of memories
Are thoughts that are infected

Spend your privilege wisely
No prosthetic for a broken soul
We don't get to stand by, say it wasn't me
Not immune, you're on parole   

If they come for me in the morning
They will come for you in the night
Take this as Angela’s warning
You know what to do. Do what's right.

It is hard to think about George, but
When you stop thinking, you lie
Not herd immunity, heard community
When you stop breathing, you die



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